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Hogan® assessments


"The Hogan" is the best known and most established assessment for predicting performance and behavior in the workplace. He is the only one who uses three perspectives on people:

  • Personality traits that are visible when a person is in top form (HPI - Hogan Personality Inventory)

  • Behavior under stress, which can become a risk factor at work and in career development (HDS - Hogan Development Survey)

  • Values, motives and preferences that are used as the basis of one's own actions and when making decisions (unconsciously) (MVPI - Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory)

Compared with other methods for assessing professionally visible personality, it has a high level of reliability in predictions ( predictive validity of 0.54 ). Validity generally ranges between 0 and 1. The closer to 1, the more precise the predictive power of the assessment.

Hogan assessments are mainly used for

  • Recruiting and personnel selection

  • Personnel development

  • Leadership development

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