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1: 1 coaching

Coaching is process support, i.e. we support you in developing your own solutions for professional or private goals. We work together interactively and at eye level to make blind spots visible, recognize new points of view and then find new options for action. And all according to the gold standard in coaching - the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation ICF.

Coaching occasions can include:

  • Leadership coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership under VUCA framework conditions

  • Clarification of roles as a manager

  • Blackout instead of peak performance under stress

  • Self management

  • Topics related to career development and career planning

  • Resilience, work-life integration (also with HeartMath® heart coherence)

  • Dealing with termination

  • Burnout / Boreout

Mentor coaching

Coaching for coaches serves for your own professional development and is a prerequisite for certification by the International Coaching Organization (ICF). We offer mentor coaching as preparation for the ACC and PCC certification. You can find out more about mentor coaching here.

When coaching is no longer enough ...

Sometimes the coaching setting is no longer enough to achieve results and personal changes. Then it can make sense to combine coaching with approaches of modern psychotherapy that are geared towards self-efficacy and strengthening of resources.

Talk to us about this.



  • Mission statement development (vision and mission based on company values)

  • Business process modeling, redesign and optimization

  • Human resources, especially personnel development, team development

  • Design, implementation and evaluation support of employee engagement surveys with the software from Willis Towers Watson



Tailor-made trainings or events according to your specifications:

  • Develop leadership personality

  • Leadership in the VUCA world

  • Self / time management

  • Challenge: virtual teams

  • Communication and conversation skills

  • Emotional intelligence as the basis for building effective relationships

  • Focused and confident in presentations

Health & Wellbeing
  • Resilience in day-to-day management

  • Work-life integration: between demarcation and mixing

  • From stress to burnout - or not?

  • What Coaches need to know about trauma




We use the following established diagnostic tools:


Hogan assessments

Belbin Teamrollen Logo

Belbin® team roles


SHL Occupational Personality

Personnel development

We enable employees both cognitively and emotionally to cope with the increasing demands of the working world. This increases the fit between company, person and task.

Leadership development

We support managers in developing an inner attitude and emotional intelligence so that they can support their team in achieving high levels of performance and thus reconcile the task and personality of their employees.

Team development

We develop individuals into a team that knows about their strengths and development points, values the working relationship with one another and works together for the best of the company.

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